Alloy Automatic Wheel Washer


Automatic Wheel Washer (hot wash)

Ideally suited to car dealerships, service/tyre centres and alloy wheel repairers.

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Automatic Wheel Washer (hot wash)

Weathering, salt, grit and brake dust, can leave alloy wheels looking tired and dirty. Cleaning by hand can be very time consuming and the use of strong chemicals can sometimes cause damage to wheels and tyres. A simple and effective solution to these issues is available with the Ayce Solutions environmentally friendly Automatic Alloy Wheel Washer.


  • Fully automatic with 15 second dry function
  • 20,40, or 60 second wash cycles
  • 15 second drying cycle
  • Closed circuit water system
  • Cleans with a combination of pressurised water, washing concentrate and granulate
  • Accommodates wheels and tyres up to 32″ diameter and 14″ wide
  • Servo motor arm for keeping narrow wheels upright
  • Sedementation tank seperated from washing chamber
  • Hot wash system


  • Size: 960mm x 1212mm x 1450mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 330kg
  • Wheel diameter range: 560 – 800mm
  • Wheel width range: 135 – 360mm
  • Maximum wheel weight: 60kg





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Weight 320 kg


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