Elite Duel Voltage Kit Windscreen Repair Kit


Elite Duel Voltage Kit (12v/240V)

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Elite Duel Voltage windscreen repair Kit (12v/240V)

The Esprit Elite dual voltage glass repair and windscreen repair kit is the professional’s choice and used by windscreen repair & replacement companies worldwide. It has been designed to provide professional quality repairs combined with maximum ease of use.


Windscreen repair Kit Contents


  • LED Lamp – fast curing in 75 seconds
  • Esprit Elite Bridge – its ergonomic design and movable arm ensures ease of repair
  • Esprit heater – for warming the screen to allow resin to penetrate throughout the break
  • Esprit resin packs – four 2 ml resin, syringes, needles and plastic injectors, enough for 40 repairs
  • Drill – for clearing the break of debris
  • Pit fill resin – for filling the impact creator
  • Scraper – for clearing the screen of excess resin after curing
  • UV curing film – for ensuring the pit fill resin fills the impact crater
  • Probe – checking the break prior to repair
  • Crack stop punch – used during crack repairs.
  • Drill burs and razor blades – consumables for your drill and scrap
  • Safety glasses – to protect the eyes during the repair (especially during curing)
  • Pit fill polish – for a perfect finish to your repair
  • Esprit E-Spray – to clean the screen and break prior to repairing and to clean and maintain your equipment.
  • Mirror – to clearly see the break
  • Torch – to clearly show the breaks and any air bubbles
  • UV shield – for use when repairing outdoors in direct sunlight
  • Vacuum gel – for ensuring a great seal around the bridge sucker
  • Power cables – with all international plugs and cigar plug for use in the vehicle power supply if needed.
  • Repair template – to hold over damage so you can be confident in compliance.


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